Villa Santa Maria

Modern new seaside Villa Santa Maria with a swimming pool in Kaštel Štafilić

Welcome to seaside Luxury Villa Santa Maria located in Kaštel Štafilić, City of Kaštela, in Split-Dalmatian County . Our Mediterranean style villa is stylishly furnished and fully equipped, with special attention to every single detail.

Located on the western part of City of Kaštela, close to the ancient City of Trogir, not far from the local airport and only a few steps away from the local beach in Kaštel Štafilić, Villa Santa Maria is perfect for those who want to spend their holidays within a walking distance to the local beach and a city center. On the other hand, great location for guests that enjoy active holidays: easy access to a highway and nearby ancient cities of Trogir (3 km) and Split (18 km), exploring the nearby islands (Šolta, Brač, Hvar, etc.) and national parks (Krka and Kornati).

Villa Santa Maria consist of two apartments, rented as one unit – property, that offer supreme accommodation, large swimming pool and surrounding area with a garden, children’s quarter and a supreme sundeck area on two levels.
Our Villa Santa Maria has its own unique ambience and design, combining traditional Dalmatian architecture and contemporary style, providing guests with tranquility and luxury. Classic elegance and a profound commitment to the timeless art of hospitality create a destination that’s rare and an experience that’s rarefied.

Having comfort and respect to privacy is our first priority. Our villa is designed in a traditional style with contemporary touches, while our exquisite services ensure the required discretion and privacy.


  • A fort with a yard, today known as castle Rotondo, was built by Stjepan Štafileo, a nobleman from Trogir in 1508 at a sea reef.
  • The Nehaj tower was built in 1548 at the western part of Kaštel Štafilić by Ljudevit and Ivan Lodi. The tower was built up to the windows of the first floor and remained unfinished until today.
  • Mastrinka – an olive older than 1500 years, an exceptional natural monument, grows in Kaštel Štafilić. It originates from Southern Italy or Greece. It was declared a monument of nature in 1990.
  • Nearby Kaštel Gomilica was used as one of the shooting locations in the HBO series Game of Thrones where it was used as a backdrop for the Free City of Braavos.
  • Historic cities of Trogir (a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Split are easily reached by car or bus, Split also by train.
  • All the shops, restaurants and stores are easily reached by foot.

Kaštela beaches

Seven Kaštela are located along  the bay and each of them has beautiful beaches . From west to east, here you can find these beaches:
– Kaštel Štafilić: Divulje, Stari Resnik , Resnik, Bile, Gabine
– Kaštel Novi: Porat
– Kaštel Stari: Đardin, Štalija, Palace
– K.Lukšić: Rušinac, Šoulavy, Poštanski
– Kaštel Kambelovac: Baletna škola, Mala punta, Bilajka, Torac
– Kaštel Gomilica: Torac , Kamp
– Kaštel Sućurac: Sokolana, Gojača